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Celestial Acupunctue is to rebalance the energy flow and realign the energy centers (Chakras) within our body to attain our optimum state of being.

This is the type of acupuncture treatment that can tap into your non-physical plane such as your emotional body, mental body, intellectual body and spiritual body.

In ancient Taoist philosophy, we consider man as a spiritual being where we exist between Heaven (Universe) and Earth and we are the integration of heavenly being (spiritual being) and earthy being (biological being). 

It is essential to keep the balance of two within ourselves to have our entire human experiences at its best while we are on this earth living.​ Often, the imbalance between our spiritual and biological being leads to sickness and diseases. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, it is said "The primordial cause of disease (dis-ease) is forgetting the true nature as a spirit". 

When we are caught up with everyday mundane materialistic matters, we often forget to be in tune with ourselves within and miss our true purpose of life or be far away from our life mission.

​Celestial Acupuncture helps and guide you getting back with your soul mission. Everyone was born to accomplish one's spiritual growth. Having Celestial Acupuncture treatment in regular basis will help and enhance your spiritual practice simply to be a better person one step closer to your higher self.

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